Are you ready for the most serious confession you've ever heard? OK. I have.... a slight obsession with Purple Disgust. (Sure, maybe not the most shocking, but still pretty weird.)    You're probably wondering, "Who is purple disgust? What are we even talking about?", especially if you're a TMNT and/or WiR fan, and are thinking something along the lines of Dude, I was hoping for some serious deep theory on something that's actually in my fandom. Don't worry, I'll get to you guys eventually. You can skip this if you want; each theory has nothing to do with each other unless I mention so.

Anyway, Purple Disgust is the name for one of Disgust's older designs, one that just so happened to be revealed at the D23 expo when "The Untitled Pixar Film that Takes You Inside the Mind" was presented. She looks exactly like the current Disgust, except for a few small changes. For one, her trademark

glittery green eyelashes are missing, her hair is longer (reaching her belt), and, of course giving her the name, her dress and belt are colored purple instead of green.    Once again, I prove my mind-reading skills. "How is a scrapped version of Disgust be a theory?" Well, it is because Riley's Purple Disgust isn't the only one. There are several Purple Disgusts throughout the film, which is worthy of mentioning.

The first thing I'd like to mention is that no, they don't appear in the form of easter eggs. No, there are people in the film with Purple Disgusts as their Disgust working in their mind. How I know? It's simple really. One of the indicators, the longer hair, isn't the best to use, because as we know, the emotions' hairstyles and hair colors usually follow the ones belonging to their person. However, the color of the dresses and whether or not they have the trademark eyelashes are both enough information to confirm either a normal or Purple Disgust.   

The second thing that I'd like to mention is the fact that there is a pattern as to who has or does not have a Purple Disgust. The not-so obvious Disgust in the head of Jill Andersen (Riley's mom) is an example of a Purple Disgust in the movie, because she lacks the eyelashes and wears a purple dress. However, another character that has a Purple Disgust is Riley's teacher, who has both the purple dress and lack of oversized green eyelashes. However, an example of someone that does not have a Purple Disgust is one of the cool girls at Riley's middle school, the only one we've had a peek into the mind of. We know she doesn't because her Disgust has the extra-long eyelashes that mark a green Disgust. So, basically, based on what we know about the people who have a Purple Disgust, there is a trend between adults having one and children not. But why?


Purple Disgusts on top and "green" Disgusts on bottom

Here is the quick theory I came up with when I posted this on Google+ :

"I have attached 3 pictures....

The first is an earlier design of Disgust, (which was publicly shown, BTW.) The second is Riley's mom's Disgust. The third is Disgust now. Pretty common fan knowledge (I think) that these three exist. But here's the twist. In the original design, Disgust has a purple dress, no eyelashes, and longer hair, if you study the pictures. However, instead of M. Disgust's design being based off of current Disgust, it's based off of old Disgust. M. Disgust has a purple dress, and no eyelashes. All I can say is, "How the HECK did I not notice this before?!?!?!?!" Why did this happen? I don't know, I just found this out today. Maybe there is a reason, maybe not. Perhaps R. Disgust's design had changed at the last minute, and they decided to just keep the M. Disgust assuming no one would notice? But tons of promotional crap had been released way before.... Maybe it's more movie related? Maybe R. Disgust is a bit different from the other ones for whatever reason? But Riley isn't exactly a cool kid, (in Minnesota or San Fran.) so why would she be flashier than the other ones... Maybe it's just an easter egg...

What do you think? Any ideas why this might have happened?"

Guys,  let me know if you want me to come up with a explanation for this. I'll do my very best!