Did I ask for the gum commercial?!
Anger upon hearing the jingle

TripleDent Gum is a brand of gum seen in Disney/Pixar's Inside Out, whose jingle is used as a running gag throughout the film.

In "Inside Out"

The gum brand is treated as a running gag throughout the film. It first appears when Joy and Sadness encounter Forgetters Paula and Bobby in Long Term Memory. The two forgetters send a memory of the TripleDent Gum commercial to Headquarters via a Recall Tube, causing the jingle to play in Riley's head.


TripleDent Gum
Will make you smile
TripleDent Gum
It lasts a while
TripleDent Gum
Will help you, mister
To punch bad breath right in the kisser
TripleDent Gum!


  • TripleDent Gum may be inspired by Trident Gum, which Pixar had produced a commercial for prior to making Toy Story. The commercial bears no resemblance to TripleDent Gum, though.
  • The TripleDent Gum gag is a reference to how an annoying song can seem to inexplicably get stuck in your head.