The Teacher is Riley Andersen, Jordan and Cool Girl's teacher. It is unknown what she is called.


The teacher is tall, slim, and dark-skinned, with a black afro. She wears an orange sweatband, a purple blouse, a white bracelet, earrings, purple glasses, and black leggings.


Joy liked her joke about it snowing more in Minnesota than in San Francisco. Fear, however, was scared of her and said being called on by her was the third scariest thing that could happen, after spontaneous combustion and meteors. She also asked Riley to tell her about Minnesota, making Riley cry. At the end, she called on Jordan.


Her mind has a large globe in it, which Anger was banging her head against. All emotions have the same hair and clothes as the teacher, except Disgust, who wears a dress instead of a blouse, and Sadness who wears a pullover. The teacher, and her emotions, especially Joy, all have crushes on the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot.