Sadly Ever After? is a Pictureback (R) book based on the world of Inside Out.


Featuring an original story from the world of Pixar's Inside Out, this jacketed picture book will appeal to every fan of this remarkable film.


This story takes place prior to (or perhaps omits) the Andersens' move from Minnesota to San Francisco. It opens with Riley skating on a frozen lake...while all five of her Emotions look on. Anger keeps urging Riley to go faster; Fear worries about Riley wearing "shoes with knives stuck on them"; Disgust worries about that yellow snow nearby. Joy notices Sadness in tears and urges her cheer up, but Sadness is too sad to skate with Joy...who tells her to pick out one of Riley's happy yellow memories.

Sadness chooses the time Riley went to the park and had a picnic with her parents. Joy fondly recalls how Riley played Frisbee, climbed a tree, and had a cupcake for dessert...but then Sadness recalls how a ladybug got stuck in the frosting, and this happy memory turns into a sad blue one.

Suddenly, Anger cuts in and changes the memory from blue to recalling how a dog crashed the picnic, forcing Riley's dad to chase it off. Then Sadness turns the memory blue again: she remembers how Riley wanted to adopt the dog, but her parents said they couldn't.

Disgust turns the memory green by remembering how Riley slipped and fell in a patch of mud while playing Frisbee. Sadness, however, changes the memory back to blue: she recalls how Riley ruined her favorite sweater by getting it muddy.

The memory becomes purple, with Fear's recollection of how Riley was making a daisy chain...when a bee appeared and nearly stung her. Yet said memory becomes blue again, with Sadness's recollection of how Riley ruined her daisy stepping on it while running from the bee.

Joy changes her tactics: she has Sadness choose an already-blue memory. Sadness picks out one morning when Riley missed the school bus. Joy passes the memory around to Anger, who turns it red by recalling how the bus driver left three seconds early...then to Disgust, who turns it green by recalling how Riley choked on the bus exhaust...and then to Fear, who turns it purple by recalling how worried Riley was about being late for school.

At last, Joy turns the memory yellow by recalling how Riley's mom drove her to school that morning. They even stopped for hot chocolate en route. Even Sadness agrees that such makes it a happy memory...aside from Riley burning her tongue on the hot chocolate.

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