Get out the rubber ball, we're in solitary confinement.
―Anger commenting on the conditions of the new house

Riley's House is the second home of the Andersens in the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out.


(This section needs revising) When Riley's father got a new job in San Francisco, the family packed their bags, and they headed west. Before they arrived to their new house, the Emotions tried to predict on what their future house will look like (like a house with a big slide, or a tree house, or a castle with a dragon, much to Anger's enjoyment). Unfortunately, when they arrive, their house turns out to be one of those condensed houses along an alleyway.

When Riley walks into the house, it turns out that everything is condensed and messy, like the last person who owned never bothered to actually keep the place clean--there was even a dead mouse lying in a corner. The emotions then made Riley check her room, and it too was compressed. In fact, whenever a vehicle passes by at night, the house rattles loudly, scaring Riley.

Despite hating the new house upon arrival, Riley eventually warmed up to it when Sadness was in control of Riley, where she tearfully admitted she missed Minnesota. Her parents consoled her by telling her that they too miss Minnesota, but they will eventually get used to it by saying that everything will be all right. With Sadness being treated equally by her fellow emotions, Riley gradually embraces her new life in San Francisco and the house gradually gets better.