That's Long Term Memory. You could get lost in there!
―Sadness warning Joy

Long Term Memory is a large labyrinth-like structure located in Riley's mind in the Disney/Pixar film "Inside Out." It is where all of Riley's normal memories are stored.


Long Term Memory occupies the majority of the mind's area and consists of a maze of thousands of banks of stored memories. The emotions can recall and send memories from Headquarters, the site of memory production, via numerous tubes. The shelves are cleaned of faded memories by the Forgetters, Mind Workers who remove faded memories and send them to the Memory Dump.

In the film

After Joy and Sadness accidentally  get vacuumed out of Headquarters, they ended up landing here. In order to get back at Headquarters, Joy and Sadness must start their journey by first traveling through Long Term Memory. According to Sadness, she says that you can easily get lost in Long Term Memory due to its colossal size and maze-like pathways.


  • The shelves of Long Term Memory curve and bend in order to evoke the shape of the folds and wrinkles ("gyri" and "sulci") in the brain.
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