Known Mems

This page lists all of the memories that are seen in different "Inside Out" media.

In "Inside Out"

  • Riley's first memory- a happy one of her parents calling her a bundle of joy.
  • Riley's second memory- a sad one.
  • Two happy memories of using the wagon at about age 4
  • Memory of drawing Bing Bong on the wall at about age 3.
  • Scared memory of finding an electrical wire at around age 4.
  • Happy memory of burying her father in the sand at about age 3-6.
  • Happy memory of running naked with underwear on her head after a bath--core memory for Goofball Island.
  • Happy/angry memory of playing hockey.
  • Happy/sad memory of eating ice cream and losing a bit with Meg-both were about three-core memory for Friendship Island
  • Disgusted memory of being fed broccoli at age 1.
  • Angry memory after the broccoli experience, after being told she was not going to get dessert.
  • Happy memory of actually eating the broccoli.
  • Faded memory of piano lessons
  • Faded memory of sticking her tongue out coloring as a toddler.
  • Sad memory of breaking her teddy bear as a toddler.
  • Disgusted memory of a dead mouse.
  • Happy/sad memory of ice skating.
  • Happy/sad memory of her first loss at a hockey game (both Joy's and Sadness's favorite)
  • Happy memory of recognizing family as a concept and kissing her parents at around age 3-core memory for Family Island.
  • Happy/sad memory of crying after running away-resurrected Family Island.
  • Faded memories of all U.S. presidents except Washington, Lincoln and the "fat one".
  • Faded memories of dolls' names.
  • Happy memory of the TripleDent Gum commercial-the forgetters like it, but not Anger, Gary also has it.
  • Happy memory of confessing to breaking a plate- core memory for Honesty Island.
  • About ten happy hockey memories.
  • Happy memory of pretending to play hockey.
  • Happy memory of sliding down a slide with Meg as toddlers.
  • Sad memory of crying in class.
  • Grey memory of Chopsticks.
  • Grey memory of George Washington.
  • Grey memory of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Grey memory of a fat U.S. president.
  • Faded memories of phone numbers (forgotten as Riley has them written down).
  • Happy memory of thinking up the Lava Pits
  • Happy/sad memory of laughing so hard milk comes out of her nose.
  • Happy/sad memories of rain.
  • Happy memory of the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot (in the Teacher's mind and Jill Andersen's mind, not Riley's)
  • Angry/sad memory of being bored in the car
  • Happy/sad memory of dinosaur sculptures.

In "Sadly Ever After?"

  • Sad memory of a stuck ladybug.
  • Angry/sad memory of a dog.
  • Disgusted/sad memory of landing in the mud.
  • Scared memory of a bee.
  • Sad memory of stepping on the daisy chain.
  • Sad/angry/disgusted/scared memory of missing the bus.
  • Happy memory of hot chocolate.
  • Happy memory of a picnic.
  • Sad memory of burning tongue.

In "What Should Riley Do?"

  • Happy memory of a birthday party.
  • Happy memory of a frog museum.
  • Happy memory of a game show.
  • Happy memory of playing on the computer.