Jillian Marie "Jill" O'Riley-Andersen is a supporting character from the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out, voiced by Diane Lane. She is Riley's mother and Bill Andersen's wife.

Inside Out

Jill appears in Inside Out in the first scene, and a few other scenes.

Riley's First Date?

Jill appears again in Riley's First Date after the title is shown. She is shown trying to talk like the cool kids in Riley Andersen's school.



She is very kind and motherly for Riley, and she helps her family get through tough times, like the big move. She is very understanding. There are times when she isn't patient with her husband because of his oblivious personality (she thinks she shouldn't have turned down her chance to marry a handsome Brazilian copter pilot) but she still loves him. She also loves Riley and does her best to understand Riley, especially as their move negatively affects Riley's personality. Since Sadness seems to be the leader of her emotions (but is not a weeping mess like Riley's Sadness), it is possible this is where her understanding and compassionate nature comes from as sadness represents the ability to empathize with others or that she might've had a rough past.


Her hair is brown and usually is up in a ponytail. She wears red glasses, a sweater, a purple pants, and a pair of shoes.


  • As written on the back of her credit-card, her name is "K. Ann Anderson". However, the Essential Guide states that her given name is Jill.[1] Her profile also states her name as Jill Andersen.[2]
  • As her main emotion is Sadness, it has led many to believe that Riley's mother is, or was at one point, depressed.


  • "Thank you. In spite of everything, you've stayed, well, you've stayed our happy girl!"
  • "What did we do to deserve you?"
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