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The Imaginary Boyfriends are characters thought up by Riley Andersen and created with a generator in Imagination Land. Upon being created, they say "I would die for Riley!". They also theoretically live in Canada. They are Caucasian, with tight blue jeans, white shirts, black sneakers and brown leather jackets. They also have messy brown hair. Joy created a whole lot, stacked them on top of each other, and climbed on them. They then fell into the Memory Dump, saying "For Riley!" and Joy jumped to the other side, rescued Sadness, and they both bumped against the window of Headquarters, ironically just as Fear was wishing Joy were with them. The generator that made them could also have made Bing Bong.


Inside Out - Imaginary Boyfriend

Joy doesn't really like the line about dying for Riley.

They seem to have dramatic body language and be rather strong.

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