Forgetters are a type of Mind Worker that work in Riley Andersen's mind.


They are various heights and have round, blob-like bodies, skinny black limbs, and cyan, green, yellow or purple glittery skin. Some wear clothes and some don't. A few have wild, curly green or purple hair, some are bald, and all of them have large eyes.


  1. Vacuuming up faded Memories and putting them in the Memory Dump. (these ones wore helmets and goggles)
  2. Sending random memories up the Recall Tube so that Riley remembers them (they favor the TripleDent Gum jingle)
  3. Writing the scripts for dreams (these ones are known as writers)
  4. Showing the scripts for dreams.
  5. Directing dreams.
  6. Acting out dreams (these ones are known as actors or actresses)
  7. Driving the Train of Thought.
  8. Watching dreams premiere.
  9. A few are seen dressed as sheep in Dream Productions. They are either for Riley to count or are actors in a dream.