The Dog is a dog seen in the post-credits scene of "Inside Out". Its name and gender are unknown.


The dog is medium-sized, with pointy ears, and black fur with white on its muzzle, chest, tummy, paws and the tip of its tail. Its eyes are large and brown. It has a shortish, pointy tail. It seems to walk with a lolloping waddle and move its head kind of like a bird.


The Dogs' mind looks like a standard mind, with the memories being equal parts happy, sad, scared, mad and disgusted. Its emotions simply look like the dog, but with the black fur being replaced with the color of the emotion. For example the dog's Joy has yellow fur, its Sadness has blue, etc. They communicate in barks. Joy doesn't wear any clothes, and neither does the dog itself, but like Riley's emotions Fear wears a purple bow tie, Anger wears a red and white tie, Sadness wears large blue glasses, and Disgust wears a magenta bandanna.


(in dog, subtitled as) "I smell food"-Joy

"Woof!"- all.