The Cat is a cat seen in the post-credits scene of "Inside Out". Its name and gender are unknown.


The cat is an average-sized cat. It is medium grey with darker grey tabby stripes on its back, legs and head. Its eyes are large and blue. It has white fur on its paws, muzzle and chest, and a pink nose. It has a thin tail.


The Cats' mind looks like a standard mind, with the memories being equal parts happy, sad, scared, mad and disgusted. Its emotions look just like the cat with the grey being replaced with the color of the emotion. For example the cat's Fear is purple, etc. The cat's emotions were neglecting the console and simply behaving like cats. Joy plays with Anger, who hisses, then tries to play with Sadness. Disgust gags on a hairball and Fear walks on the console, making the cat afraid. None of the emotions wear clothes, except the Sadness, who wears large blue glasses.