• Kaylyn.hager

    Inside Out 2

    August 22, 2018 by Kaylyn.hager

    What if we get a sequel for inside out?Because that would be cool. I love this movie that I hope for a second one.As I always say to my friends never say never.

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  • YuRi YuZi

    Sadness is Joy's best friend. She looks sad...

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  • YuRi YuZi

    Joy is my favourite emotion because, Joy is happy, smart, lovely, and she was yellow.

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  • Gb98786
    1. Disney Fanfare-Randy Newman…0:32
    2. Sadness’ Theme-Randy Newman…3:29
    3. Inside Out/Logo-Randy Newman…1:11
    4. Joyness-Randy Newman…0:34
    5. Time For Bed-Randy Newman…1:27
    6. Hurting Tears-Phyllis Smith…6:06
    7. Day 2-Randy Newman…3:03
    8. Tortellini-Randy Newman…0:21
    9. New-Paul McCartney…2:57
    10. Lost/The Maze-Randy Newman…3:39
    11. Jangles-Randy Newman…3:48
    12. Ambush-Randy Newman…5:47
    13. Train Of Thought/Train Chase-Randy Newman…7:56
    14. Schism-Randy Newman…2:28
    15. I Found A Shortcut-Randy Newman…0:53
    16. Sadness Blues-Phyllis Smith…8:08
    17. Nessun Dorma-Andrea Bocelli…4:07
    18. My Feet Are Sweaty/Running From The Lava-Randy Newman…2:56
    19. Intermezzo (Manon Lescaut)-Randy Newman…5:02
    20. Abandoned Mineshaft-Randy Newman…2:27
    21. The Mission-Randy Newman…2:49
    22. Runnin’-Randy Newman…3:07
    23. Home Invasion-Randy Newman…1:57
    24. Sadness To The Re…
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  • ThePokeGirl

    Im KIku

    December 12, 2016 by ThePokeGirl

    Hello! Im new :)

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  • Cstoczyn

    Inside Out Sequel

    November 6, 2016 by Cstoczyn

    Will they make a sequel of "Inside Out"? Cstoczyn (talk) 16:56, November 6, 2016 (UTC)

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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    Joy is my favorite emotion

    Then it's Sadness and Disgust,

    Then Fear and Anger

    With the Memory Dump left in the dust.

    Riley looks like me

    In the front and the back

    But I'm not really her

    That would be Wiki-ty Wiki-ty whack.

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  • Beep's B


    Are you ready for the most serious confession you've ever heard? OK. I have.... a slight obsession with Purple Disgust. (Sure, maybe not the most shocking, but still pretty weird.)    You're probably wondering, "Who is purple disgust? What are we even talking about?", especially if you're a TMNT and/or WiR fan, and are thinking something along the lines of Dude, I was hoping for some serious deep theory on something that's actually in my fandom. Don't worry, I'll get to you guys eventually. You can skip this if you want; each theory has nothing to do with each other unless I mention so.

    Anyway, Purple Disgust is the name for one of Disgust's older designs, one that just so happened to be revealed at the D23 expo when "The Untitled Pixar …

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  • Xcitedz

    Inside Out!

    December 25, 2015 by Xcitedz

    Hello! Would just like to say hi to all of you guys!

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