You know what? I miss Minnesota too.
―Bill, comforting a sad Riley.

William "Bill" Andersen is a supporting character from the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out, voiced by Kyle MacLachlan. He is Riley Andersen's father.

Inside Out

Bill Andersen is the father of Riley, and the husband of Jill Andersen. He is responsible for his family having to move to San Francisco when he goes their to work for a start-up company called Brang.

Riley's First Date?

Bill Andersen is shown to be very nervous and not totally happy with the idea of Riley leaving with her friend Jordan. He then learns that the Jordan is in a band, and realizes that he has some things in common with Jordan since he was in a band as well. Bill Andersen and Jordan begin listening to AC/DC after stating that that is their favorite band. When Bill Andersen realizes that they have some things in common, he starts to feel more comfortable with Riley leaving with him.



Bill Andersen is shown to be very disciplined, as shown by his Anger leading the emotions in his mind. He also expresses empathy when he goes to talk to Riley after she has an outburst at the dinner table.



  • His main emotion is Anger.


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