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First the Hawaiians, and now YOU.
―Anger commenting on San Francisco-style pizza


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Role in the Film

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Anger is one of the five Emotions and hinted secondary leader behind Joy controlling Riley Andersen's mind. When J



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  • Although it is for a minor part of the film, towards the ending, Anger becomes the main antagonist of the film, since he starts being more sinister and makes Riley escape to Minnesota, but regrets it quickly, as Gloom, the overarching antagonist, starts taking over the control table and Anger becomes the main antagonist-turned-anti-hero hero for the rest of the film, but could also be called the main antagonist for the rest of the franchise as he does not better his ways, although the temper is more of a problem, making him technically an accidental antagonist.
  • Anger, like the other emotions, has different names depending on which language people are watching, playing or reading in. For example, Anger is called Kiukku in the Finnish dub or Wut in Deutsch, among many others arjen faviroute anger. to inlove Disgust any AND KİLLER.
  • Anger is the lead emotion in Riley's dad.